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Terracotta - Italian for "baked earth" - clay has been a favorite of artists for centuries. It can be modeled with an enormous degree of freedom and inventiveness. Terracotta offers a liberating experience for the artist both in technique and the possibility of expressions. As a medium, it is unique in that it is easy to work with and satisfying. Allowing for greater attention to detail, the clay sculpture is fired and becomes "the finished piece" and not merely the first step in the casting process.

For sculpture information (size, medium, and edition) and to see a larger version, click on the image or sculpture title.

- Old Men Series -

-oldmen.jpg (8435 bytes)

"Colonel," "Old Man," & "Gentleman with a Hat"

innerdemon~.jpg (3521 bytes)

"Inner Demons"

-bigbowl1.jpg (4649 bytes)

"Bowl #1"


-l2bowl.jpg (3952 bytes)

"Bowl #2"


-bknbowl.jpg (4925 bytes)

"Bowl #3"


-juno.jpg (4050 bytes)




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