McGuire Guitars

-- Made for an Artist, by an Artist --


Looking for something new? Something that combines an original look with an unique sound? This is the inspiration behind Patrick McGuire’s limited edition sculpted guitars. Each exquisite hand-crafted work of art, combines the beauty of a sculpted body guitar with superior sound quality and playability features.  
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"Mistress"© "Bacchus"© "The Destroyer"©
Want to add a little spice in your life? Look no further — Mistress©, combines the beauty of a relief-sculpted woman’s body with the captivating allure of a siren’s song. Do you play like a spirit possessed? Then play a guitar that is equally up to the task. Bacchus©, features an unconventional shape with the frantic face of a madman. Looking for a killer ax?   McGuire's newest creation, The Destroyer©, is the guitar for you.
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