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Looking for an exquisite work of art to complement your home or office? Patrick McGuire's three dimensional and relief bronze sculptures are the perfect choice. Life size bronze sculptures make a wonderful addition to any office reception area, home or garden. Smaller sculptures serve as decorative conversation pieces.  Unique life-size "negative space" reliefs can be displayed on a wall as easily as a picture. The result is a unique three dimensional effect which unites with the environment surrounding it.

Due to the strength and beauty of bronze, bronze sculptures provide their owners with an object of beauty that can be shared and enjoyed for generations to come. For more information on how a sculpture is cast in bronze, click here.

For sculpture information (size, medium, and edition) and to see a larger version, click on the image or sculpture title.

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-pillowtalk.jpg (3527 bytes)

"Pillow Talk"

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"Play Time"

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-barenes.jpg (2761 bytes)

"Bare Necessities"

-arabian.jpg (5330 bytes)

"Arabian Knight"

-highhopes.jpg (5034 bytes)

"High Hopes"

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Attention: Natalie McGuire, Art Representative
13811 Starhill Court
Houston, Texas 77077 U.S.A.
281-597-0541 (Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm CST)
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